G2R Project offers multiple training programs that are designed and structured to develop the essential capable skills needed to respond and dominate violent life-threatening situations. The material presented in our easy-to-learn courses give you the skills needed to protect yourself and your loved ones with direct, no-nonsense, & instinctual unconventional tactics that are designed to aggressively neutralize the threat.   We call this material "Gray Tactics". 

Utilizing our instructor's 30 + years of combined experience with training professional agencies/departments/personnel in close quarter tactics (hand-to-hand and weapon combat, security deployment operations, and etc.) we are confident in our ability to bring comprehensive combat proven methods to law-abiding citizens and/or specialized agencies/departments that will increase the necessary skills for offense and defense purposes.  The First Line of Defense, which is you, must be proactive and directly trained. 

G2R Project offers three ways of training:


  • Open enrollment courses. 

  • Closed private courses for groups, departments, etc. 

  • Web-based online training courses. 


Open enrollment courses are physical classroom locations which are posted in our events section.  Registration is mandatory to reserve spot as class size may be limited. 

Closed private courses are NOT posted and must be scheduled through web email. 

Web-based online training is the easiest method of accessing our training material.  Each week new video tutorials are uploaded for the practitioners level of competency. Information can be found on our Online Training Courses with access granted upon the sign up agreement in the membership link.  


Disclaimer:  Many of the techniques taught within our programs have lethal capabilities.  The material and techniques taught in any of the programs and/or courses should be practiced with extreme caution and in a mature manner.  G2R LLC (G2R Project), and any of it's affiliated programs and/or company members are not held liable for any misuse or misconduct of material presented. Any participants and membership member participants directly or indirectly associated with any of our training program/courses are held accountable for their own use of the presented material.   G2R, LLC (G2R Project) assumes no liability resulting from the misuse of the material presented throughout our programs/courses.


Street Survival 101

G 2R Project's Street Survival 101 program focuses on the surprising threat of a violent street attack.  Our goal is to develop direct quick action strategies and ruthless techniques to protect yourself and/or your loved one during the engagement. Speed, surprise, and superior violence of action are the foundation to applying our combat proven tactics.  Our goal is to NOT fight, but to END the fight in the most efficient way possible.  This course instructs and educates individuals on applying our Gray Tactics of unconventional techniques and concepts, which will develop the essential skills needed to neutralize the threat within the first few critical sections of the engagement.  Street Survival 101 is broken up into 3 separate courses:


*Level I (Basic)

*Level II (Intermediate)

*Level III (Advanced)


Each course expands on the previous presented material to collectively ingrain the methodology of instinctual direct strategies needed to survive, dominate, and overcome the life threatening situation you may face.  This course is NOT a one stop class.  You should take the material covered and add it to your weekly training regimen.   


"You are not going to fight this man, you are going to destroy him, and he is not prepared to handle this type of psychotic behavior" -Instructor Jeff Coffey

Close Quarters Weapon Tactics


Our Close Quarters Weapon Tactics program instructs the dynamic fundamentals of utilizing edge, impact, firearm, and improvised weapons for defense and offense combat purposes.  From EDC (Every Day Carry) to Tactical applications, our courses provide specific utilization of the tools that are at your disposal.  Each course instructs proper mechanics and execution during stress induced situations. Close Quarters Weapon Tactics is broken up into 3 separate courses:

ECQC - Extreme Close Quarters Combat

Course Contains Tactics For Blade, Impact Self-Defense Weapons, & Pistol for Extreme Close Quarters Combat within 0-5 feet range .

CQ-Knife Tactics (Close Quarters Knife)

*Level I (Basic/Beginner)

*Level II (Intermediate/Advanced)



CQ-Pistol Tactics (Close Quarters Pistol)

*Handgun Defense Level I (Basic/Beginner)

*Handgun Defense Level II (Intermediate/Advanced)

*Instructor John Mairose's Programs.


Each course focuses on the primary fundamentals of the weapon(s) being studied along with the strengths and weaknesses during close quarter combat.   Practitioners will become proficient in the combat application and effectiveness of engaging threats with weapons in hand. 

"A weapon is nothing more than a tool.  An extension of yourself.  When utilizing the proper tool (weapon), you can minimize your effort and fix the problem more efficiently." - Instructor Jeff Coffey



Domestic violence has been on the rise for the last decade in our nation.  Female victims are at an all time high of violent assaults and crimes.  At G2R Project, we try to answer these issues by advocating and hosting a female specific self-defense/protection course. 

A.I.C. (Actually, I Can) is a female self-defense program that focuses on the attributes of women and the potential threats that females may face within today's society.  A.I.C. is a program that proves that a woman can defend herself and processes matriarch abilities of protecting what is hers.  The A.I.C. courses are developed to address and effectively neutralize stalking, intimidation, battery, attempted rape, and attempted abduction situations.  Our instructors have spent years instructing female self-defense programs for public community groups, colleges, children programs and etc.  


The D.I.V.A. training format comes from a comprehensive study of domestic violence, rape cases, and violence against female defense testimonies.   There has been a biased belief that women are not as effective at defense as a man, however this is FALSE and completely an inadequate assumption.  When aggressively pushed to their limits, women will unleash an overwhelming unrelenting barrage of tactics and techniques to protect what is theirs (life, family, property, etc).  We at G2R Project, take that ingrained instinctive nature and instruct simple, yet proven combat tactics that will efficiently aid in a female's defense/offense skill set.  A.I.C. is broken up into 2 separate courses:

*D.I.V.A. Level I (Basic/Beginner)

*D.I.V.A. Level II (Intermediate/Advanced)

Each course expands on the previous material presented, and focuses on the female protective nature and element of surprise.  Our female self-defense courses continue to grow as we present the next evolution in female inspired tactics for personal defense.

I.M.A. & Kickin' Kids


I.M.A. & Kickin' Kids are G2R Project's youth self-defense programs.  It may seem strange that a company who teaches unconventional and lethal tactics for real world close quarters combat would have a children and teen self-defense program, HOWEVER we feel that our societies youth is just as entitled to protective training as anyone else. The goal with our youth programs are to promote self awareness, self confidence, fitness, social interactions, discipline, anti-bully awareness, and an individuals skill-set of defense tactics for real world dangers.


I.M.A. (Integrated Martial Arts) is our comprehensive universally blended martial arts system that derives from traditional and professional self-defense methods.  Practitioners in our I.M.A. program learn how to end a fight with as little physical confrontation as possible.  Much emphasis is placed on developing Self confidence and awareness so that physical techniques do not have to be applied unless absolutely necessary.  No lethal techniques or tactics are taught within this program.  I.M.A. is designed for older children and teenagers.  

Kickin' Kids is the baby brother to G2R Project's I.M.A. program.  Kickin' Kids is suitable for very small children and provides a fun filled educational course that is designed to explain dangerous elements, awareness, protective actions, and self confidence.  Kickin' Kids is a fundamental program for young aged children who are interested in martial arts.  Self Defense is taught on an easy-to-learn approachable level with the child's successful progress being the primary goal.  


I.M.A. and Kickin' Kids both utilize a traditional martial arts belt program (white - black) and a certificate system to signify a practitioners advancement in material comprehension and goal achievement.  No fancy uniforms, gi's, or etc are expected to be worn. Even though these are children and teen programs, we still feel the need to address real world issues and dangers and a nice fancy outfit/uniform isn't going to make anyone any better at protecting themselves.  A trained response is better than any fashionable status.