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Scheduled Training Events

G2R Project scheduled training events are in physical classroom/training-facility locations. Many training courses are held at our training center in south central Kentucky, yet we have and offer the ability to travel and set up courses wherever the need may be.  A course may be scheduled near your location and accessible for your training needs.  Our training events are available to any law-abiding citizen and reservation for participation needs to go through our registration process.  Many times, our courses are limited to classroom size due to facility capacity and instructor-student ratio engagement.  Your goals and needs are very important to us, so we limit the classroom size for your experience and benefit.   Certificate of completion is given to participants at each training event.  Upon completion of an entire program (all courses contained in a specific program) there is a finalized special gift awarded to the practitioner for his/her dedication and journey.   


Below is our list of upcoming Scheduled Events.  Any event that interests you, click on the event link and it will direct you to the registration process. 


NOTE:  All registration and/or bookings are final.  No compensation for refund or exchange of services may be given. Exemption will be if G2R Project has an unforeseen cancelation, which would dictate a refund and/or exchange back to the customer(s).  The registration and/or booking is reserving your placement and right to attend our training course, we hold this agreement in high regard and anticipate your commitment to being present. . 

No upcoming events at the moment
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