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Exclusive Online Training Programs

G2R Project offers a convenient way to train from the comfort of your own home.  We understand that life can be somewhat hectic and scheduling time to attend our training courses can be tedious and/or nearly impossible.  We provide Online Training Modules to give your the availability to participate and learn in our programs.  Distance, work schedule, family time, and more doesn't have to exclude you from obtaining the skills necessary to defend yourself and/or your loved ones. Each program is updated with monthly video content to continuously give you information and build upon your offense and defense combat arsenal.

G2R Project showcases many videos and informational concepts and applications on our social sites (Youtube, Facebook, & Instagram), however those contents aren't as in-depth as what is taught in our training courses.  Online training allows you to study and practice the material at your own pace and luxury of time while having the capability of being able to ask questions over material that may not be clear.  Just because you are not physically attending a course does not mean that you are hindered in your ability to grasp and understand the strategies and tactics that we teach.  Our physical training events have a flair for allowing personal one-on-one instructing and discussions of the presented material.  We offer the same convenience of being there for you in our online distance training as we do in the classroom or out in the field.


NOTE:  Please give 1-2 business days for our instructors to reply to any question over any material present in our online training programs.  Due to high demand of training schedule, it can sometimes take a day or two to respond appropriately.


 $1.99 Month Online Training Memberships

Go to our our Membership page and check out the details to our online membership for only $1.99 a month (no hidden fee's) 


*G2R Membership Members have access to our library of tutorial training videos, store discounts, remote and access for live participation of training classes.  $1.99 monthly membership fee's may seem cheap, AND THAT'S THE POINT!  


We want to be an asset to society and diligent in our mission of providing life-saving tactics and techniques to you and yours.  Yes, we have overhead fee's, but we aren't in this for the money.  We just want to bring you the best material that we can for an easy and affordable price.   


After you review the options, click to join the membership if it fits your needs and you will be directed to continue the process for application and login capabilities.  Once that is finished, you are ready to start.


Login any time you are available and you will have access to our online library of Series training courses.  Bi-weekly, 1 detailed video will drop on the membership page.  Each video builds upon the fundamentals of the previous video and/or series, or covers a topic that has been recently taught in our seminars.  Along with the "Gray Tactics" video tutorials, members have the chance to access live training links through ZOOM to train from home and/or ask questions pertaining to material that has been covered.  Our Online Training is simple, convenient  and most importantly effective for your personal needs!   


"You are the weapon that will be forged prior to the battle."

 -Instructor Jeff Coffey

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